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RC Cars: Fun for the Whole Family

Finding ourselves in a COVID-19 world has been challenging to say the least, and though we were all worried and anxious, I believe it’s hit kids the hardest. The most difficult part of it all wasn’t spending time at home during the lockdown, it was explaining it to Matthew why mummy and daddy are working from home and why he can’t play with his friends for the time being.

The good boy he is, he didn’t make much fuss of it – on the contrary, he took it better than I expected he would, but we still decided to make it our mission as his parents to do anything we can to entertain him so he’d forget about the situation for a while. That’s how we ended up introducing the RC hobby in our lives.

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It all started with the RC car kit build my husband was really keen on buying, and the daddy’s boy Matthew is he immediately got interested in it too. I’ve never been excited about this kind of pastime activity, however after giving it a go with those two it felt like getting in touch with my inner child again which was certainly welcome. I’m going to share with you the reasons why it’s slowly but surely becoming our favourite hobby we share as a family, and why you might want to consider exploring the range of rc car kits to build too.

It Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

When you introduce kids to building and driving the vehicles with the remote control, there’s an incredible impact on the development of their hand-eye coordination. While Matthew didn’t know how to control the car at first, it didn’t take him long to learn which way to turn, how to press the button to speed up, what to do to avoid some obstacle or even do a trick.

It’s Fun for the Whole Family

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His father got three cars for the three of us, so we could have some fun racing, and I must say my competitive spirit got awaken. Still, after losing some rounds to both of them, lately, I’ve resorted to building up obstacles around my sun lounge area to make the rides more challenging. As the races progressed from easy to really difficult, it was time to add some change in scenery, so we turned the yard into a racing area for the RC cars with varying surfaces.

This way besides the fun we get to spend some time on our feet in the fresh air too, getting the much-needed dose of vitamin D. Not to mention, there’s a healthy competition among us, without it causing any resentment or injuries. When my parents or in-laws come over for a visit next time, I’m sensing it’s going to bring different generations together – simply put, it’s the hobby that connects families.

It’s Versatile

There’s never a dull time with the rc car kits to build because even if you grow tired of a specific model there’s always another one to try out. Along with the various designs, from rock crawlers and buggy, to drift cars and trucks in a variety of scales, you also have the chance to pick from different powering options, in the example of electric, petrol and nitro cars.

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As beginners we got into the hobby with the electric, though as we grow more into it we might give the others a try too. Those who aren’t into assembling can easily find RTR (ready to run) models to immediately get into racing.

Moreover, the versatility comes in the form of customisation as well, since you can build your own remote control cars and personalise them with some pieces of your own choice, upgrade them to be more powerful, or have a say in the paint. Matthew has a lot of fun when assembling and reassembling certain parts which I’m particularly proud of having in mind it’s the kind of activity that gives him a boost in brainpower.

It’s Great for Your Social Life

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As I already mentioned, this is the ideal hobby if you want to spend more quality time in the company of your loved ones. However, knowing it’s the kind of activity that engages people of all ages from all around the world, it also provides the perfect opportunity if you want to make some new friends who share your love for it. No matter where you are, you can connect with like-minded people through the internet by joining special RC forums and groups over the social networks.

Recently when buying our new RC car kits to build we were able to become friends with a family that happens to live nearby much to the joy of all of us. We’re pretty excited about it, and Matthew is especially fond of chatting with his new friend Robbie over the tricks and turns he does with his RC cars. Since this family is into other types of vehicles too, they sparked my son’s interest for boats and helicopters as well so we might give those a try soon.