Life is About Comfort: Wear Leggings!

I know I’m not going to sound very emancipated to many women when I say sometimes I find myself wondering why we want to have it all, family life, career, success.

It can be exhausting when you want to combine all of them, educate your children yourself whenever you can, take care of them on a daily basis, be the perfect wife to your loving hard-working husband, and still make it high on the professional ladder.

This is why I like to take it slow from time to time, take a day off from time to time just to have some time with my family, and wear comfortable clothing day in and day out. My love for comfort doesn’t end with streetwear tops, I have to add, but it takes on another form too, the one of bamboo leggings.

It all started with my kids pyjamas, and seeing how much they loved them I felt compelled to check out the benefits of bamboo myself which is how my eco leggings ended up being my next obsession.

At my busy life and age I’ve come to realise I can’t afford to spend a day in my life on clothing or shoes that cause discomfort, and the leggings proved I could pull off fun and versatile looks without feeling the anxiety of tight clothing.

Gone are the days when they were only considered to be fit as yoga uniform, so I no longer worry of when and where I can wear my eco leggings. Apart from using them for my yoga classes, I’ve worn them on various occasions far from the park or gym, like going shopping, travelling and going for a dinner out with my husband (we like to remember our date days).

While not many women would agree with me, I dare say they’re ideal for women of all ages, including over 50 as long as you use them in a combination with the right pieces. In other words, they’ve become a fashion staple.

They have at least to me, and my personal favourites are outfits with long tops, a tunic, a poncho, a sweater for the cold days, leather jacket, and for the footwear boots other than sneakers.

Not only are they cosy, they’re very soft too, and every step I make feels so light as if treading on clouds. Besides, they also protect me from oversweating, as they’re breathable and moisture-wicking, just what I need in a day full of errands.

Do I recommend them? Most certainly, and I don’t see them going out of style any time soon!