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Baby Nappy Backpack Vs. Tote: Which One Is Best?

As a new expecting parent, you might be wondering do I need a diaper bag? The straight answer to this question is, YES! A diaper bag is, without a doubt, one of the most important baby essentials that you should not forget to buy. For the next few years of your life, your nappy bag will be your best friend; it’ll carry everything your baby will possibly need when on the go. 

Because you’re bound to take it with you wherever you go, it’s important to choose the best nappy bag that will suit your preferences and style. You want a nappy bag that is functional and suitable for different jobs, durable enough to withstand a toddler dragging it across the playground, and stylish enough for you to carry it every day. 

On one hand, you have the tried and trusted tote style nappy bag that has been around long before your granny’s time, and on the other, the new baby nappy backpack that is quickly rising in popularity due to its spaciousness and hand-free carrying. Which one of these nappy bags is the right fit for you? Let’s check them both out. 

Why Choose a Nappy Backpack 

Durable, Comfortable and Adjustable

Nappy Backpack

Nappy backpacks feature adjustable straps, an easily wipeable lining and are generally made with quality materials that can keep up with daily wear and tear. 

Beneficial to Your Back

You’ll need to pack a lot of stuff for your baby before you get out of the house, which means your bag can tend to get heavy. A backpack helps distribute that weight more evenly, so you’ll feel more balanced. This means, there won’t be as much strain on your shoulders or back. Carrying a baby nappy backpack frees up both your hands so you can look after your child.

Best for Parents of Newborns

When you have a little one that relies on you for pretty much everything, you’re going to need all the arms you can get. In this case, it’s much easier to hold a newborn when the nappy bag is on your back. 

Also Suitable for Dads

Dad backpack

Dads aren’t much used to carrying around a shoulder bag, so a backpack may feel more natural to them. That allows both of you to switch carrying the bag throughout the day. Considering that many nappie backpacks look like ordinary backpacks, they will blend in with their personal style easier. 

Best for Travel

Parents always need a helping hand when travelling with a baby or toddler. You’ll find it really helpful to have your nappy bag secure on your back, rather than having to deal with it slipping off your shoulder every time you bend over. 

Why Choose a Tote Nappy Bag

It’s Classic

Tote bag

These bags tend to be the more traditionally stylish diaper bags, so you’ll probably find more designer nappy bags of this kind. They are often designed to be as spacious as possible, with many different compartments for you to store your baby’s stuff. 

Better for Parents of Toddlers

While backpacks are a better option for parents of newborns, once your child becomes able to move around and even walk on their own, your hands will be a little freer, making the tote nappie bag easier to manage. 

Suitable for More Dressy Scenarios 

Tote Nappy bag

Backpacks are a synonym of causality, but a shoulder bag can be used for occasions where you’ll need to be a bit more dressed up, like weddings. 

Best for Variety

Nowadays you can find shoulder-style bags in many shapes and sizes like satchel nappy bags and messenger diaper bags. No matter which model you choose, make sure it has easy-to-reach pockets on the outside and plenty of pockets on the inside so you can keep yourself organized. Another key feature is insulated pockets, which can help keep baby bottles colder for longer. 

Now that I’ve mentioned that, you may be interested to know how to keep bottles cold in diaper bag. When you go out, it’s natural that you’ll need milk to feed your baby when he/she gets hungry. Even if you breastfeed, it’s definitely more convenient to have breast milk stored in a bottle ready to be given to the baby than breastfeeding in public. 

Nappy bag milk

In order to carry milk safely, you will need a quality feeding bottle with a screw cap to securely hold the milk. You’ll need to be extra careful because milk is liquid, and if it spills, it can ruin the entire content of the bag and leave you with a lot of cleaning to do. If your nappy bag doesn’t have a thermal compartment, you can get a pouch customized for bottles. 

Milk tends to become stale at high temperatures, and that applies to breast milk too. Milk can be stored only for 10 hours if the temperature range is between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. If the weather is too hot or you will be out for long, consider placing an ice pack inside the insulated area before putting the bottle. This will help keep the milk cold and fresh for more prolonged use.