Soap Dispenser Holder

Give Your Bathroom a Touch of Luxury: Get a Liquid Soap Dispenser Holder

Have I ever told you what my favourite room at home is? It’s the bathroom! Well, now that you know which one it is, I’m going to share why. Honestly, I never would’ve imagined it would be because when I was little, it used to be the living room both at my grandparents and parents’ houses.

As soon as my husband and I moved into this home we still live in, and our boys arrived in our lives, we shared some fun moments together giving them baths, and now giving Uno his baths too, so I look at this family experience with joy because I keep reminding myself they won’t be this small forever, and there’ll come a time and day when they’re going to move out.

Okay, cherishing everyday life moments aside, bathrooms have been through a considerable change ever since they turned into sanctuaries and became so much more than rooms used merely for the toilet, the shower or the bathtub. This is the other reason this room is my favourite.

Now, you know how much I love my body care products, yet I have other items I certainly can’t praise enough: the soap dispensers! Not only are they cute and stylish, available in a wide range of options, they’re also hygienic, more so than washing hands with a soap bar.

Furthermore they’re even better as educational tools when teaching your kids the importance of washing hands as well as how to do so without either wasting too much soap or water. Both Ethan and Noah learned easily how to do so, that’s because just pressing the dispenser once to get a good amount of soap is enough to clean up.

Dreaming of a Dispenser Holder

Wall Mounted Dispenser Holder

One of the things I’ve always loved about hotels was having a soap dispenser in the shower cubicles too and wanting to get that five star hotel feeling without actually spending a treasure on, I got myself a fancy wall-mountable liquid soap dispenser holder. What’s so great about it, you ask?

Apart from the ease of installation, the eye-catching finish and the durable water-resistant material (specifically stainless steel), it’s available in various styles and sizes, so depending on how much soap you use or intend to use, you can choose a holder that fits a single dispenser or up to three at once like mine.

The Benefits

Soap Dispenser Holder for Three Bottles

Unmatched Cleanliness

Ever used a soap bar? Then you know the mess that results afterwards when the soap is soaked in water, and looks like it’s melting all over the soap dish or the sink; Just the thought of it sounds disgusting to me! And oh, speaking of which, when this mess starts dripping on the floor, you can add slipping accidents to your worries.

As I mentioned earlier, the liquid soap is a much better alternative when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene in particular which is of utmost importance when you’ve got children, so there’s no surprise why I consider this one to be the first benefit. With the dispenser and liquid soap dispenser holder combination, maintaining cleanliness is piece of cake.

Reduction in Contamination

This happens to be a benefit that’s connected to the first; when you don’t leave the soap resting in water in the dish, after uses and uses of various hands, you can expect there to be no threat of germ contamination. On the plus side too, thanks to the soap being in a bottle, it has the needed protection even in cases of hazardous chemicals around.

Reduction in Waste

As I also said, it’s easier to teach kids how to cut on water and soap wastage. With the soap bar one doesn’t really have a notion of how much soap is needed to thoroughly wash the hands, whereas with the liquid soap you actually get to see it and end up knowing the exact amount from then on.

The minute you make the change and get a dispenser, you’d notice the difference in how often you buy soap – not as often as with soap bars. In a way, I might add this kind of change, which is safe to be considered as sustainable, has its positive effect on your budget too.

Bathroom Accessory

Ever thought like your bathroom was missing something but couldn’t figure out what? Well, think of the liquid soap dispenser holder as an affordable accessory that would do wonders for your bathroom interior, more so as there’s a vast array of options to choose from.

Depending on your taste and the style of the room, you’d be able to find the exact holder that would function as a finishing touch and spice it up with a bit of luxury. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to get your own five star hotel bathroom, like me, just get one of these holders.