Dance Pants: Why They’re an Important Part of Your Dance Gear

As fun, or easy, as dancing might seem when you’re watching professional dancers make the moves gracefully, it’s the kind of activity that requires a great deal of your strength and effort. I would know because I’ve had my share of dancing lessons, and I’m familiar with how challenging it can be.

One way of making it easier, particularly with those demanding movements that require extra exertion, is to acquire the adequate dancewear and neatly pack it up in the right dance bag. Sure, the aesthetic role of clothing is undeniable as it’s part of the performance and presenting yourself as a dancer, but it’s also created for a reason – to help you excel at your dancing.

This is why it’s such a basic importance when it comes to gear, regardless of the type of dance you opt for. Such is the case with the versatile pants dance stores can provide you with. You might think it’s okay to show up with any pair of pants you have at home to save some dollars, however, let’s look into why that’s a bad idea, and why you should take the time to do the research and carry out with shopping.

The Dress Codes

Dancers in versatile pants

If you want to do things right from the start, you must abide by the dress code rules at the dance studio of your choice. The reason most of them have such codes in the first place has to do with the fact dance-appropriate clothes are your tools, much like weights are when you’re trying to tone your arms.

Depending on the dance, you might be required to wear leggings, along with bike shorts, capri tights, or even track pants, harem pants, and jazz pants. This kind of variety stems from all of them being tailored for specific routines, i.e. designed to help you out with your exercising routines and artistic objectives.

Leggings, the Universal Dance Pants

Ballerina in leggings

Let’s take the example of leggings, which are usually considered to be the ideal choice for the classes and rehearsals of many dances, including ballet. Same as with athletes in the likes of gymnasts, this type of dance pants comes in handy for dances because of the following benefits:

No Obstructions to Your Mobility

When you’re trying to master the movements, you require utmost flexibility for a full range of motions which is exactly what these pants provide. In the same aspect, there’s no restriction that would put your safety at risk either from falling accidents.

Taking into consideration such pants dance related are made of special fabrics like spandex, they also prevent friction and allow your legs to glide smoothly. Now, if you want to make the most of these properties, it’s not advisable to wear your regular tights because they aren’t made from the same quality materials as the dance-specific counterpart.

Fragile as they are, chances are they might tear midway as you do your moves. Not only would this interfere with your exercise and performance, but it would take all of your attention from the dance.

Utmost Recovery, Support and Comfort

It’s usually gyms that get the reputation for being physically challenging as you push your limits with the workouts and tools, however dancing can be equally difficult. Dancers aren’t strangers to muscle soreness and fatigue either, but when they wear pants dance made, like leggings in the right fit, they’re able to recover faster.

This is so given that this type of pants enhances the blood circulation because of lightly compressing the legs and feet, thus optimises the flow of fresh blood with oxygen to the muscles. In case you require more protection from pain and stiffness, you might look for the compression design.

Moreover, when doing some particularly extreme movements, they protect your muscles too from painful tears, which are among the most common leg and feet dancer injuries, by offering the needed support. In addition, you can also count on support for the groin area, especially useful when wearing a leotard underneath and wanting to reduce the risk of irritation.

On the plus side, they’re helpful with offering comfort in terms of thermoregulation. In the cold periods of the year, they’re keeping the muscles warm in a combination with the leg warmers, whereas when it’s warm, they’re created to absorb the perspiration from the legs.

In fact, some models are even created based on a special performance technology to ensure the dancers stay dry so they both look and feel good throughout practice. This is an aspect where your regular cotton tights would fail you.

Shopping for Suitable Leggings

Dancer in leggings

As there’s such a wide range of options at the shops, to make sure you get the right model for you that would serve you with the aforementioned benefits, you have to consider the type (e.g. footless, capri, convertible, footed, stirrup). This includes other types of pants too that aren’t leggings.

On an extra note, even though their tightness comes in handy with your blood circulation and muscle warmth, this isn’t to say getting a design that’s too tight is advisable – the right fit is imperative when you want to ensure your comfort.