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Wardrobe Talk: Why Is Linen Such an Ideal Fabric?

I can’t single out one season of the year that I’m particularly fond of, because I like them all with their own distinct beauty, but I’m not going to hide that hot summer days truly put a smile on my face.

When the air gets warmer and humid, it’s like a different set of feelings emerge. We become a bit lazier at home, more into lounging than doing chores, so as a family we enjoy plenty of time by the pool and in the sun. Of course, it wouldn’t be that enjoyable if not for our specific summer wardrobe that consists of all things linen, starting from my favourite and fancy linen dress clothes I choose to wear on every occasion possible.

Oh linen, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

1. You’re Comfortable

Before the hot days arrive, I prepare the wardrobe placing the summer items at the front while moving the warm ones at the back. Though I have more items than I need, including man-made fabrics like polyester which is known for its moisture-wicking properties, I still prefer the natural alternative like linen, besides bamboo.

This is because of the unmatched comfort linen provides on the skin due to its natural ability to absorb up to one-fifth of its weight in moisture without feeling even slightly wet. It’s the kind of fabric that absorbs your heat and releases it, keeping you cool and dry. Not surprising why I enlarged my collection with more linen dresses online shops are abundant in for this season, right? My sons love their new linen pyjamas, and my husband is particularly fond of his linen shorts. Not to mention, you won’t need to trade comfort for style judging by the cute and elegant linen dress clothes available at the stores.

Though linen is mostly synonymous with summer and tropical lands like India, let’s not forget it also has thermoregulation properties that make it a great option for the colder days of the year too. That’s what my long-sleeved linen shirts are for, that I love to style and layer with knitted tees, wear underneath my winter dresses, and combine with my wool pants.

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2. You’re Hypoallergenic

Much like organic bamboo, natural linen is perfect for people who are dealing with certain skin conditions, like textile dermatitis, or have skin that’s sensitive and easily irritated from synthetic fabrics. This is so considering moisture can’t build up on the fabric, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. And in this aspect it’s even better than options like cotton which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. You’re Eco-Friendly

Considering linen dress clothes are made from the stalks of the flax plants, they’re as eco-friendly as can be. Having in mind such plants are very resilient, they don’t require the use of harmful fertilisers or pesticides and can even grow in poor soil, which isn’t to say about cotton.

Moreover, there’s also less waste of water as they’re plants that don’t need much to grow, and along with being used in the textile industry, parts from the plants (e.g. seeds and oils) are also essential for the food industry so you have less waste in general as a result. As we strive to lead an organic lifestyle in my family, biodegradable properties are very important to us. And this is another aspect that the linen fabric ticks.

eco-friendly linen clothes

4. You’re Durable

Unlike other fabrics, linen has been known and used for centuries, so much so it’s even mentioned many times in the Bible! People have always loved it for its durability, despite its delicate appearance. And the fact it’s naturally resistant to moths and gets better with time as the more you wash it the stronger it gets means that it makes for a great long-term investment.

It’s truly pleasing to know I’d get to wear my favourite linen dress with timeless appeal season after season! One thing I hate cotton for is that it’s a magnet for lint, and you always have that fear whether or not it would shrink the next time you wash it or dry it in the dryer. With linen, I wave these worries goodbye because it’s known for its resistance to tear and wear as it doesn’t stretch. It keeps its natural shape no matter what pressure you put it through.

5. You’re Versatile

Say what you will, but linen dress clothes are classy! What I love about wearing them and creating my outfits is they make it oh so easy to style – I’m able to come up with sophisticated looks effortlessly. That’s because linen has that simple yet elevated vibe, and thanks to how great of a fabric it is to work with, you’re in for a treat with the variety of options of linen clothes available at the stores, both formal and casual alike.

girl with yellow linen dress

Caring for Linen

Despite the durability, caring properly for the clothing is essential in prolonging its lifespan. First and foremost, it’s necessary to pay attention to the label care and wash instructions if you want to count on long use.

My suggestion is to stick to 100% linen instead of a blend with fabrics like cotton and rayon because then you’d be able to tend to the caring needs easier and reap the fabric’s benefits to the fullest. What I like is machine washing the dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts and pants on the delicate cycle thanks to the pure linen quality – it rids me of hand washing when I’m pressed for time. Of course, you should pay attention to the detergents you wash with too, preferably opting for those meant for delicate fabrics as they’re milder.