Stüssy: The Timeless Streetwear Brand You Need in Your Wardrobe

Though the laidback lifestyle and comfortable streetwear clothes were the hype in recent years, the actual craze for the two became especially prominent throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been in since 2020.

As looks were the least of our worries, and our main focus was on wearing something relaxed, many brands that were already mainstream for decades, became even more popular than ever before as the customer range started increasing. One of them is certainly Stüssy.

The Story Behind Stüssy’s Success

As a brand that started out in California, the cradle of the surf culture, it quickly appealed to the counter-culture communities in the 80s, and later the skateboarding and hip hop scene. It didn’t take long for it to expand overseas to Europe too. Because of the iconic free-spirited identity that founder Shawn Stüssy managed to show and maintain, it grew into a heritage brand streetwear it’s still associated with to this day.

The premium fabrics, the timeless designs, and the affordable prices of the Stussy clothing range have set the ground for other streetwear brands that followed. But in case you’re after something more luxurious, the sub-label Stüssy Deluxe can offer you some more premium options, like its collab clothing line with Nike from 2020. However, it has also teamed up with jeans giant Levi’s throughout the years, making for another powerful collaboration among many others.

Though most brands today take commercial decisions, investing largely in the hype effect, what makes this particular brand veteran relevant in the ever-changing fashion world is its anti-commercial moves, like focusing on values rather than sales primarily. This is what attracts new customers, and helps keep old ones loyal.

Another secret to its success is staying consistent rather than blindly following the latest fads which other brands have mistakenly followed to their misfortune. Stüssy even started investing in sustainability as of late, using about 75% recycled nylon for the ripstop, which paves the brand’s future in a sustainable fashion world.

What You Should Know About Stüssy Clothes

Stussy clothes

If you’re into casual wear, then you definitely should welcome a few of the Stussy clothing pieces in your wardrobe. You will love the 100% cotton fabric they’re made from, or how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily outfits. Still, it’s advisable to know something before you buy (if you haven’t by now), and that is that as a streetwear brand with a skater appeal, most of its pieces are oversized.

This really needs to be emphasised because what you may think or know as oversized in other brands, say Nike, won’t give you an exact idea on how Stüssy is. If you don’t mind hiding behind wide-fitted clothes, go ahead and pile up on its items. To get something more fitted, however, go a size down than what you’d usually order.

Regarding availability, you can rest assured you can easily find the clothing line of Stussy Australia wide in various retail stores. Though the line is mostly men related, and various pieces are thought of as unisex, there are some women’s items that can be found too. This includes trackpants, beachpants, overalls, shorts, hoodies, pullover shirts, T-shirts, rib tanks, and hats.

Styling the Stüssy Clothes

Stussy streetwear clothes

In general, streetwear is really easy to style and incorporate into one’s wardrobe. Stussy clothing is of course no exception, which is great news if you aren’t particularly fashion-forward and don’t have an eye for impressive combinations. The brand’s tops are ideal with leggings, shorts, or your favourite pairs of jeans. If you don’t mind going fully Stüssy, you can also wear them with matching sweatpants.

Team this combo up with your comfiest sneakers, add a cap, some sunglasses, and a bit of bling with a gold chain and you’re good to go. The bottoms can also be worn with just about any shirt or tee you have at home, so they’re very easy to wear and style. In the colder months, you can team up the hoodies with denim jackets and even trench coats, overcoats, as well as leather jackets for a cooler touch.

For more girly outfits, the tops can also be worn with skirts, or if you want to go even bolder than this, dresses too. This way the dresses would come out as skirts. Tie a side of the shirt up on the waist in a fancy bow, and you get a fashionista result without even trying too hard. Since a woman should have various types of shoes, be sure to have some stylish ankle boots, or even stilettos to create a more night appropriate outfit. Or simply wear them with flats for daily outings.

In case you buy a really oversized shirt, it could double as a dress also, which is a wise decision an eco-aware individual might be inclined to make. Whichever way you choose to go about it, whichever your main styling choice may be, rest assured the Stüssy clothes can fit you, your wardrobe, and lifestyle!