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Hot Tub As the Focal Point of the Backyard: Take Care of the Investment With Regular Maintenance

Having a hot tub in the relaxing backyard can be a true luxury, so much so it can make you feel like you live in a five-star hotel. Sure, it’s a luxury that requires you to pay upfront, in some cases more than you thought you would, but it more than pays off with the way it improves your life.

In addition to being the perfect solution for reducing the stress that’s become a constant of modern-day life, it can help improve your circulation, relieve aches and pains, speed up recovery for certain illnesses, slow down skin ageing, and even provide you with the ideal sleep quality. I also love it for the way it ties the family together, even if for a moment for a nice relaxing chat before calling it a day.

Some people who enjoy entertaining and throwing parties love it for the value it adds to their gatherings. Still, I hate to be the party breaker but to be able to make the most of the investment, you also need to do your part in the cleaning and maintenance. It’s too valuable of an investment for you to leave things to chance, and risk pricey spas repair and replacement solutions.

What’s Part of the Basic Tub Maintenance?

Basic Tub Maintenance

Getting in the habit of twice a day maintaining good circulation to refresh the water, and weekly cleaning the tub as well as filters to remove dirt and debris is considered basic care. So is treating the water with the right chemicals, plus draining it once every quarter, as they can be of help with increasing the tub’s lifespan.

Not to mention, these are necessary chores that can protect your health from the dangers of bacteria and illnesses. Regular weekly and monthly inspections of the water’s pH levels, the whole system, and each of the components (tip: familiarise yourself with the pump, heater, jets, filter, and control system) are equally essential. This way, you’d be able to detect malfunctioning and get the timely spas repair that can save your tub and your wallet from hefty problems and damages.

At the first sign of malfunctioning, you should get the help of trusted professionals who know what they’re doing and have the right tools for the job, instead of trying and DIY the issue yourself. Sometimes, you may even put yourself in danger of sustaining an injury by taking matters into your own hands or creating an even greater problem with the tub than there was in the first place.

How Do You Know If Your Hot Tub is Bad?

hot tub repair

It’s important to stay attentive to the functioning of your tub to know when something’s bad. Sometimes you can hear an issue, other times you can smell it, so trust your senses and act accordingly. Signs you should pay attention to include:

Change in the Water Smell

While a smell of chemicals is okay, as it’s part of the cleanliness of the tub, the signs of odours could indicate a problem with the system of the tub, specifically the circulation. Stagnating water could be the reason behind it, with the main cause being a problem with the filter, pump, or drain due to clogging or malfunctioning. Whichever it is, it’s not good for relaxing in such water, so trust your nose and call the pool service professionals.

Change in the Water Clarity

You want to see clean and clear water to enter the tub, so always check the colour before going in. If the water is dirty, black, or green, it could mean there’s an issue with contamination from dirt, bacteria, or a build-up of algae. Cleaning with a solution, sanitising it, or bleaching it, might solve it, but if you don’t see an improvement, then it could be your sign to get the experts to check the pipes.

Change in the Circulation

Circulating hot water is how the hot tub functions and the occurrence of cold water could be a sign of a problem with the circulation or the system. To avoid getting more serious problems or damage, it’s best to get the spa repair technicians.

A Leakage

A little leak can easily turn into a big one, if not treated on time. Leaks can happen due to cracks in the tub, which for the untrained eye can be difficult to track. Instead of waiting for the leak to get bigger, call for the expert’s help and get the issue solved, otherwise, you might end up buying a new tub sooner than planned.

A Jet Breakage

Jet clogging can be another issue that could come between your relaxation and the tub’s perfect function. If it’s not a problem with the drain or the water level, then it could very well be the jets, which is a job for the experts. Better to get it fixed sooner rather than later.