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Kids’ Goggles: Necessary Accessories for Safe and Carefree Water Fun

Winter is just about the right time to take care of some goals you have set for the upcoming summer, like teaching your kids how to swim. It’s never too late to give it a try, and it’s a must to master as you know how crucial of a skill it is in life. 

Now, as a parent, it’s understandable you might be having some doubts about how the process would go. This is especially the case if you’re dealing with a child who has an aversion towards water to the point of fearing it. The answer lies in uncovering the fear, and what lies behind it.

If there is a single tip I’d have on how to make this easier for both of you and the swimming teacher, as a mum who’s already been through this, then it would be to count on the help of accessories like high-quality kids goggles to keep sensitive little eyes safe and protected.

Often, it’s the uncomfortable feeling that comes from seeing underwater with blurry vision, plus salt or chlorine in the mix, that ends up spoiling the fun of swimming, snorkeling, and diving for good. If you don’t want this to be the end of your kids’ swimming, be sure to find suitable goggles for them for all the benefits they provide.

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What Are the Benefits of Goggles?

Although the best course of action would be to teach them to go goggle-free in case they ever find themselves in a situation of being in water without them, it’s best to first get them excited about swimming with these aids. If you’re wondering how the investment in a handy pair of kids goggles could pay off, keep in mind they:

Protect the Eyes

The fancy colourful accessories they are, they don’t only add to the aesthetics of a child’s look. It may not always happen, but there are chances the water irritants, like a pool’s chlorine or seawater’s salt, could lead to dry eyes, stinging, swelling, burning, redness, or even an infection. The right water eyewear can offer the needed amount of protection for your little ones, and fully eliminate the chance of irritation. It is also ideal for keeping your kids’ eyes safe and sound in case of an accident.

When swimming outdoors, be it in a pool or the sea, the adequate pair can also protect from the glaring sun and the reflection the UV rays have on the water surface. So, sun protection doesn’t only revolve around the perfect sunscreen but also suitable eyewear with UV rating too as it’s crucial for preventing conditions like sunburns known as photokeratitis.

Can Improve Underwater Vision

A pair of goggles for kids with a soft, watertight seal is what’s needed for clear underwater view. As humans, we weren’t blessed with perfect vision in water, however wearing the suitable eyewear can boost the vision, and help your child see clearly when swimming, thus becoming more aware of obstacles, hazards, and other kids or adults in the water.

Being aware of the surroundings can additionally increase their safety and sense of security, so don’t be surprised if besides the swimming they also get in the mood for some water exercises, as well as water games for a nice fun under the sun with the family. which can only lead to a pleasant experience for everyone. Which leads us to the next benefit.

Can Enhance the Diving Experience

If you want to nurture a love of water for your child, and count on an incredible water experience every time you decide to go to the beach or the pool as a family, then goggles are a must-have accessory, quite like the right swimsuit.

Being able to see clearly, and having more spatial awareness altogether can certainly be the recipe for nipping water aversion problem in the bud and increasing the kids’ motivation to stay in the water. Once and only once they’re comfortable with the goggles can you work on teaching them to enjoy water without them.

kid swimming underwater with goggles

What to Look for When Buying Goggles?

Same as shopping for kids’ clothing, hygiene items, and accessories, it’s necessary to consider some factors to know you make the right choice with the goggles – more so given the vast variety of designs you can come across.

Start by considering the size as it has a great deal of say in how comfortable your child’s going to be wearing them. If with putting them on you see your child’s eyelashes hit against the goggles, then it’s a sign you should go for a bigger size. When buying kids’ swimming goggles online, it’s best to focus on the age indicated for the design to get the peace of mind.

Also, it would come in handy to choose a model with adjustable straps so you can make for a more customised fit. The type of seals matters too, especially for comfort, so be sure to check the material. Silicone, though a little pricier, tends to be the best choice that offers protection without the irritation of latex.

If your child wears prescription glasses, then regular goggles you can buy from the stores aren’t the ideal match. Also, consider if your child is going to wear the goggles indoors or outdoors as they need UV rating for exposure to the sun. Lastly, let your child pick and you’ll see how more inclined they are to wearing what they chose. The versatility nowadays means there’s plenty of superhero and princess design options to shop from, made to fit dress up games for a playtime away from the water. That’s what I call a sustainable and smart choice!

kids swimming underwater with goggles