Cosy and Personalised Home: The Magic of Designer Floor Rugs

As a woman I have to say I have an eye for fine things, however as a mother, I’ve learned how to be practical so instead of stylishness I go for functionality.

Growing up in a home with carpets made me feel that a home was cosy thanks to these textures, yet as soon as I became a mum of two playful and clumsy boys, carpets became a no-no.

I tried comforting myself with the thought they were no longer the thing; who liked floors all covered nowadays anyway? It all changed, however, when I laid my eyes on the variety of designer floor rugs as the ideal finishing touches to any room.

Available in a wide range of options, different colours and materials, it was enough for me to want to add them all over my home.

They are smaller than carpets, provide personalising a room with a bit of luxury, colour, pattern and texture without creating clutter (including visual), and can protect the floor from spills, or damages from furniture and pet scratches or falling items in traffic areas.

You come to pay attention to all of these aspects especially when you have kids and a dog who don’t always know what they are capable of when they decide to play hide and seek inside all of a sudden.

I consider buying the designer floor rugs a successful purchase and one that pays off because it’s helped me get an immediate uplift with the interior décor as well as floor protection.

Ladies, trust me, there is a rug for every room, and even if you don’t think the outcome is going to be good, try and you’d be surprised; it’s what happened with me. If you’re up for something natural like me, you can always give wool rugs a go.

My primary fear in getting wool rugs was the difficulty in maintaining them but I’ve come to know they aren’t that complicated to clean, so other than regular vacuuming I make sure to rotate them to make them wear evenly.

As for stains, impossible as it is to prevent them, I clean them as soon as they are made with the simple water and dish soap solution, then dab with a clean dry cloth.

Try as I might in stopping my boys and Uno from running around at home, I couldn’t wait for a slipping accident to happen and prevented that by securing the rugs with double-sided tapes right after I purchased and added them.

I finally got the warmth I wanted reminding me of that in my parents’ home and I couldn’t be happier about it. Cosy home and accident-free at that, happy mum!