Fun in the Snow: Dress for the Cold!

For a woman who doesn’t enjoy the cold, and I mean reeeally doesn’t enjoy it, it might come off as weird that I’m too excited for winter to arrive. I can’t exactly say I’m a fan of snow, stuffy nose, dry skin and wearing layers and layers of clothes.

But, since one of our first holidays as a family was at a ski resort, which both Ethan and Noah adored, all I want is for them to have their share of as much powder fun as possible once again.

As you can imagine, snow and kids together is a combination that guarantees mess, at least it was so the first time. Now that they’re older, things might be a little different, however, the preparations remain the same, starting from the layering.

Though both my sons don’t feel cold the way their mum does, I still have to make sure they’re safe and snug (avoiding overdressing them though!), so on my search for the ideal waterproof women ski pants I also made sure the kids got the same quality and properties.

Along with them, the jackets are the other outer layer piece that matters for proper insulation, specifically with a high collar, long sleeves that don’t let snow in, and ventilation zips.

Kids are always out and about, one minute they’re eating snow, making snowmen, having a snowball fight, the next they’re interested in making snow angels before they take to skiing, so one of my primary concerns was them sweating once we start with our winter adventure like the last time.

What started as a quest for women ski pants ended as the quest for the suitable base layer, preferably with wicking, breathable and fast drying properties, and that’s how I got us all wool underwear.

Not underestimating the midlayer, the layering was done with the purchase of fleece because while it’s lightweight it’s still soft and provides enough warmth. There’s no fun when cold takes over, meaning the shopping was only done when we got the adequate mittens and boots.

We’ve already packed up all our equipment, of course not leaving our sunglasses and hats either, and are now focused on finding the perfect ski resort. We might decide to go together with Jade and her boys, she’s found some pretty great offers and it’s difficult to make up our minds yet.

Something tells me this is going to be an unforgettable winter!