modern coffee table for living room

Living Rooms & Coffee Tables: A Match Made in Heaven

I like everything about home décor. I love the whole process of choosing, arranging and rearranging the furnishings in each and every room. But if I had to single out one favourite room and furniture piece, it would definitely be the living room with the coffee table.

For me, this furniture staple is at the very centre of the living space, a place where we all get together to relax and chat with family and friends. So, it’s the very thought of this that brings about pleasant feelings.

Now, I’m not saying I haven’t tried to work with a living room without one. For a couple of months, I tried using my soft, functional and pretty great looking ottoman as a substitute. But it took going through such a change for me to come to appreciate the coffee table even more.

Since it’s such a practical piece that also serves as a focal point in the room, shopping for it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Considering furniture shops, both brick-and-mortar and online, offer an extensive range of coffee tables in various sizes, shapes and materials, I’ve singled out these exact aspects to help you make your final choice.

modern coffee table for living room

The Size

It’s easy to fall in love with a certain table design as soon as you begin your quest, but does it really fit in the space? If you already have a sofa or armchairs present, you need to consider their height to determine which table height will work best. A table with the right height isn’t only more convenient to use, but it also looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Unless you plan to benefit from sitting on the floor  even with meals, a lower table can make the room feel somewhat awkward. The same goes for a higher one as it can make the living room arrangement seem disproportionate!

You can decide on the right height by choosing a table that’s about as high as the seat cushions of the sofa or armchair. Additionally, don’t forget to also pay attention to the length, remembering that ideally, the coffee table should be about half, or at least two-thirds, of the length of the sofa.

When you find it difficult to decide on the length, perhaps you’d prefer choosing a nesting set made up of two or three smaller tables differing in size, that you can later use separately too. I have to point out, a set of identical tables is a versatile investment as you can also use them for different purposes, like for instance as substitutes for plant stands for your indoor garden.

Furthermore, they’re a great match for modern ottomans, and they can also work on both sides of a sleeper sofa.Those who live in smaller homes would also benefit from such a pair used as side tables that won’t take up too much of the space visually.

Black Glass Coffee Table

The Shape

When it comes to deciding on a shape from the range of coffee tables online and physical stores offer, it’s important to consider both width and clearance. In terms of the latter, there should be 30-45 cm from the table to the other furniture pieces, as it’s just right – neither too far nor too close. Taking this into account, you’d be able to decide on the width and shape of the table.

Large homes could do well with a square shape as it helps tie the place together, but they’re definitely a no-no for small homes that can easily become overwhelmed. In this case, narrow rectangular designs are a better option. Rectangular is also ideal for those who are looking for that traditional feel, whereas the round shape is recommended for homes where people often get together.

If your living room is styled in a more modern way, you have the chance to introduce an oddly shaped table for that out of the ordinary look.

The Material

Though there are coffee tables for sale in a wide range of materials, it doesn’t mean they’re all suitable for your interior. To be able to choose the perfect one, you should consider your predominant style and colour, as well as how you intend to use the table.

round coffee table for living room

The classical, eclectic and minimalist homes could all benefit from wooden coffee tables which have a timeless appeal and bring about a sense of warmth. A nest where industrial reigns requires a metal table design. Though it’s not recommended to use a table with metal legs without pads in homes with bare floating floors, or even more delicate actual wood flooring. Materials such as wicker and rattan are a great match for boho living rooms.

If you already have plenty of eye-catching items and need something subdued yet trendy, concrete and marble are options to take into account. Don’t think I forgot about glass! It’s a choice that’s made for small homes as glass tables are transparent and don’t clutter the space.

Lastly, looking at them from the perspective of use, if you intend to be eating on the coffee table, you need something spacious and stable enough like wood designs. A word of caution here is to protect the wood from hot plates and mugs with coasters, and clean up stains immediately to avoid damage.

For those who wouldn’t mind putting their feet up occasionally, it’s necessary to choose a table with strong construction and feet, like metal, marble and concrete. In smaller homes, where any extra storage is most helpful, a design with drawers and compartments is handy for keeping books and magazines nice and tidy.