Baby Girl in the Family: The Ways to Buy Great Clothing Gifts

I’m an auntie to a baby girl! What a way to start a blog post! Remember that cousin of mine I wrote about, and prepared a gift box for her? She gave birth a week ago, and I can’t wait to see the new addition to the family. Even the boys are excited they got their little cousin Emma, so much so that Noah is already planning on the games they’d play with her when she’s grown enough to join their imaginary world.

Since they all loved the gifts I got for the arrival of the little bub, I couldn’t resist buying something else, knowing how much I’m into gift giving and girl items. I have to say it wasn’t easy choosing because the variety is vast of adorable outfits, baby girl dresses in particular, and I had to upgrade my purchasing requirements to practicality and not merely judging upon the cuteness of the prints and designs.

Out of all the possible outfits for baby girls, the main reason I chose dresses was out of thinking how to dress baby girl in summer; what could be better for cooling off in the hot days of the year, and still staying stylish? Besides, dresses are a great option for winters too when paired with warm socks, coats and hats.

Durability is Key

Having in mind babies outgrow their clothes fast, I looked for outfits bigger than what Emma needs right now so that she could wear a dress for months from now. Learning from my experience, when Ethan was born I got various newborn clothes as gifts that ended up not fitting him pretty fast and only got to reuse them later on with Noah.

Apart from focusing on bigger sizes for Emma, and deciding to buy a dress for 3-6 months, another for 6-9 months, and a third one 6-12, I also had to look into the materials as well; it may not be that important for some people but when you think about it, on the one hand, the material has a say in the durability, and on the other, there’s the delicate skin of a baby.


Organic options are the best, such as cotton, because they provide the needed comfort not only in terms of softness but also in moisture-wicking and thermoregulation, plus they’re easy to care for, something essential knowing how messy babies can be and how often parents have to wash up. There’s even more of durability when you follow the care instructions accordingly.

Now, if you don’t find dresses and outfits that are 100% made of organic cotton, and are in a combination with some other materials, like a small percentage of elastane, don’t sweat it, they’re still a great option, much better than full synthetics in fact.

The reason I love investing in this kind of quality is even when your child outgrows the adorable and comfy baby girl dresses, you could save them for future use (if you plan on having another baby), share them with loved ones or donate to someone who really needs them. In a way, deciding for durability is a decision that’s sustainable as well.

A Bargain Isn’t Always Best

If there’s one thing e-commerce has made possible it’s having enabled us the access to all sorts of products. As soon as I started looking for baby girl dresses, various came up online, some even a great bargain I must say. Still, just because something’s cheap it’s no indication of quality.

While I wanted to buy more in quantity upon seeing the low price, when checking the materials it was clear to me there’s no compromise on the quality. Thankfully I was able to find affordable options that are made of organic materials, and knowing I bought her dresses this good I rest assured it’s the kind of gift that would highly be appreciated.

Apart from checking the price and the materials, I’d also recommend checking the reviews; nowadays, we can easily learn from someone else’s shopping experience!

Mindful Gift


Prior to making the purchase, I considered it my mission to find dresses that are equally ideal for casual strolls as they are for parties, like baptism and birthdays, so they could be used no matter the occasion.

Additionally, again learning from my own experience, I had to make sure I checked the sizing guide before buying any of the dresses, comparing them to Emma’s size. If you’re buying online or in a conventional store, take my word, don’t forget to ask for the receipt because you might not know if the person receiving the gift would need to change it for another size.

At the baby shower for Ethan I received many onesies and sleepers that ended up not fitting him but without the receipts there was nothing for me to do but donate them. So there, now hopefully you know how to buy baby girl clothes that would make the perfect gift.