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Surprise Hubby with a Meaningful Gift: The Perfect Pair of Sandals

Sometimes, knowing a person too well isn’t any guarantee you’d get the easy part out of gift shopping; especially if this person is your husband, and you have to choose the perfect anniversary gift that would translate to how much you care for and appreciate this man. If you’ve watched Malcolm in the Middle, a classic ‘00s sitcom, you know the struggle Hal went through trying to find the gift of all gifts for his beloved Lois, resulting in his sleepwalking.

To take away the stress from your gift-planning, and help you focus on what really matters (the love you two share and what this milestone means to both of you) I’ve found the perfect present he’d want and need – sandals. Perhaps not the kind of item one immediately thinks of as gift material, there’s actually more to the essential footwear type than meets the eye.

Practical, comfortable, and fit for leisurely strolls as much as everyday wear without constraining the feet, sandals are among the best shoes you can get for your hubby. More so now that we have warmer months ahead here in the Southern Hemisphere. And, best of all, you won’t be short of options; with various stylish walking sandals mens designs from iconic brands like Birkenstock and Ecco, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your man’s taste and requirements. To make the right choice, focus on things like:

Lifestyle and Specific Needs

birkenstock man sandals

Avoid getting him a pair just because you find it stylish and think it would look great on his feet. To be successful with this specific gift, remember to consider his lifestyle and needs first and foremost. Basics like how often he walks and how often he takes part in outdoor activities would be of assistance in narrowing down the options between casual and more rugged models.

If the answer is yes to getting sandals that are more walking-specific, and fit for day-to-day wear, then you could get him one of the timeless Birkenstocks that are famous for the anatomical cork footbed that moulds to the shape of the feet and look fantastic with almost any outfit you can think of. If the answer is yes to getting walking sandals mens models that are more outdoor activity-specific, then a rugged choice like one of the Ecco Offroad collections would be a better match.

Next up, don’t overlook his needs. If he has experienced certain conditions or issues lately (think wide feet, diabetes, corns, calluses), or requires more support or cushioning from his footwear, be sure to take these necessities into consideration as well. Some models are better at arch support and cushioning than others that come with better features for specific foot conditions, so do your research and you’ll be able to come across the perfect brand and model.

Personal and Sandal Style

Is he more of a practical kind of guy or does he care about his looks? Answering this would help you with figuring out the men’s walking sandals shopping game. Some have more to offer on the practical side of things with the choice of materials, designs, and features like durable outsoles and adjustable straps, whereas others are better on the stylish side.

And, if yours happens to be into both practicality and looks, rest assured there are models that offer the best of both worlds but be prepared to pay for it. When in doubt, I’d suggest going through his part of the closet (or if he’s lucky, his very own closet) to get an idea of what he can wear the sandals with. This would assist you with choosing a design, model, colour and pattern when you have more than one pair of favourites. I always like to think up possible outfits whenever shopping for any clothing or footwear item.

Sandal Features and Properties

birkenstock man sandals

Essentially, these two are what indicate how wearable a pair of sandals is, specifically how comfortable and durable it is. Set up a budget and then you can decide on what features and property are a must, and what he can do without if there aren’t any conditions or issues to think about.

In addition to focusing on elements like cushioning, support, traction, outsole quality, durability and material, you can also pay attention to other factors such as whether or not the material is easy to clean, can dry quickly, and is resistant to microbes. These three have their say in hubby’s comfort as much as the previously mentioned factors.

Knowing he (or you, if you get to clean his shoes) won’t spend much time on keeping the new sandals clean and free of any microbes and odour would bring out the joy of wearing them even more, making for an even more successful gift. So, be sure to check for the material’s cleanliness, drying, and resistance as much as you check for its durability and price.