Sheer Curtains: The All-in-One Window Treatment

I love my job! It’s true what’s said about choosing your work carefully because once you work with something you love it doesn’t feel like work at all. Everyone deserves to have a cosy home that feels like home and I just like the fact I help people out in making this happen.

Recently I was working with two charming clients who wanted to fill their living room with some of the old charm and gave me total freedom in how I was to make this happen with the condition I make sheer top curtains part of the decorating process.

As I’ve stated before when speaking of window treatments I’m not a fan of curtains, yet the client is always right, and anyway it’s their home, they’re the ones who’d be living in it so I didn’t step in with my opinion on why I’m pro shades and carried on with the decorating.

As it turned out, throughout the process, I ended up loving the look so much I now consider getting sheer curtains for my home; I’ll keep you posted! What happened was at a first glance they reminded me of my childhood because my grandparents had these curtains, and seeing them evoked that feeling of warmth, comfort, cosiness, the three ingredients that make a home.

They’re also easy to work with as they’re great both as stand-alone window décor and used in combination with draperies and blinds so if you’re looking for flexibility this is it. What I’ve also come to appreciate is how versatile sheer top curtains are; Not only are there three different track style options, there’s also a motorised one so there’s the right choice for everyone’s taste.

Though they’re delicate and airy, filling up the space with elegance and maximising the natural light, they provide the needed privacy and light filtering, so if you’re a privacy freak like me this property itself is good enough to get you into measuring and buying these curtains. Likewise, they improve insulation and reduce noise, which would explain why I’ve come to call them the all-in-one window treatment.

Oh yes, another advantage to them is they make great DIY project thanks to the available instructional videos showing you the step-by-step process of measuring and installing, so besides having fun acting the family handyman, saving up some dollars by not needing professional help, you get curtains that are the perfect fit as they’re custom made for any room you require them for – superb quality all the way.

As you can guess my clients were happy with their new/old living room, and I was happy to have gotten the chance to finally learn the value of sheers.