Modern And Beneficial Self Watering Planters For Busy Mom

If Oprah and Julia Roberts can do it, I don’t see the reason why you can’t! Recently I read an article on celebrities who do gardening and was amazed by the fact that so many of them enjoy getting their hands dirty while taking care of flowers and decorative plants, herbs and vegetables. And I can totally relate to them; I have a floral garden in my backyard and I simply can’t imagine starting my day without seeing my lovely roses and doing a little digging, watering or a trim or two here and there. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a completely relaxing activity that fills me with positive energy. And it doesn’t take me more than an hour.

My interior designer eyes always look for something new to try, to change and add to my home décor, so my recent project was using a splash of natural colour to create the rich garden effect on my balcony by using some of my flowers from the garden. With a child, my job that has no work-hours because it’s on-going, the house and all the chores and my garden, I have to say that it’s kind of exhausting (like all normal human beings I do love to take a nap from time to time). So, I had a new task on my hands – to find a solution that will allow me to have my flowers thriving on my balcony without me having to worry weather I watered or not. And I finally found it – balcony planter boxes!

This heavenly innovation is like the answer to my prayers – it has a built-in self-watering system, which means it takes care of the plants for me! Besides choosing the place where to put them so they can shine with all their beauty, I needed to do so little when it comes to caring for the plants.

The planters are truly a state of the art; they have a water reservoir installed beneath the soil container. You just need to fill it with water and the root system of the plant will take care of its water needs – on its own! Moreover, these planters contribute to the faster growth of your plants; while the roots are still small and can’t reach the water, the water stimulates them to grow so they can actually reach it. Nature really does have its ways.

And their appearance – they’re simply gorgeous! They come in white colour with a black support frame so they fit perfectly in any room décor. You can find these balcony planter boxes online; some retailers even offer a vast palette of colours, although I wouldn’t recommend you get too loose, especially if you’re thinking of planting flowers.

So, how does this idea sound? Flowers and plants around the house and not having to take too much care for them except the daily dose of love and admiration of their beauty? Perfect!