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Mattresses: Why Does Latex Sing the ‘You’ll Thank me Later’ Song?

I’m a person who is constantly looking for choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle. My last decision was one concerning my kids’ mattresses. At first, I didn’t know that the mattress my children sleep on could make a big difference in their overall health. I mean, I knew about the importance of a comfortable mattress for a good night’s rest, but I wasn’t informed about the “toxic vs. nontoxic” thing.

In one of my researches on the internet I discovered that ‘by law, mattresses have to pass specific standards for being flame retardant’. In order to achieve that, manufacturers must add chemicals like PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether). According to studies, ‘PBDE can build up in the body over time resulting health problems like allergies, asthma, hormone imbalance and even autism in sensitive individuals’. While it’s a law that’s underwent changes and strict controls in the recent years as regulation on dangerous toxic chemicals tightened, I am still pretty cautious about this.

My older son Ethan has allergy problems and in order to address this, we’ve already changed the flooring in his room. As soon as I found out that his mattress could also trigger his allergy, my husband and I decided to change his and Noah’s mattress as well, attempting to reduce our family’s exposure to toxic chemicals.

After a thorough research regarding the best mattresses for kids, we decided latex mattresses for sale in the stores around were the adequate choice for our boys. In addition to being considered one of the most comfortable options, unlike those synthetic ones, some latex mattresses for sale come with pure natural latex taken from the sap of organic rubber trees. Since no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in the plantation of these trees, mattresses made from these materials are considered non-toxic.

And yet, the winning factor for us was that natural organic latex mattresses for sale are resistant to mold, mildew and dust mite. This means the environment found in this type of mattress is not appropriate for dust mites to survive, making it the perfect natural choice for children with allergies.

Considering the fact that, sometimes, our boys use their mattress as a trampoline as well, durability sure was an aspect that made it among the top feature priorities on our shopping list. When compared to conventional mattresses, natural rubber mattresses also tend to last longer, which certainly gave us the best value for our money while ensuring that our beloved sons would enjoy uninterrupted, quality sleep all the time.

Although we changed the kids’ mattresses mostly due to Ethan’s allergy problem, Noah also benefits from the new mattresses. At almost 3 years old, Noah is still in the habit of waking up a few times through the night (be it because of being thirsty, or he is cold or hot, etc) which can be very tiring.

Coincidence or not, since the day we switched to his new mattress, he has been sleeping all night. I don’t really know the cause for change in his sleep patterns, but I believe the absence of chemicals plus the enhanced comfort of the new mattress, contributed to him sleeping better. Whatever the reason, I’m glad we switched!