Spa Tub

The Power of a Hot Tub: Improve Your Health While You Have Fun

Soaking in a bubbling spa tub is certainly one of life’s great pleasures. It is relaxing, comfortable and most importantly – soothing. We are all aware of the huge health benefits that spa tubs provide – physical and emotional stress relief being the chief ones. Being more than an investment into your well-being, I figured that our spa tub is a great way to have fun with my family while reaping the benefits that it offers.

Our decision to purchase a spa tub came as a result of my constant joint pain. My doctor told me that spending time in a hot tub will relieve my pain because the buoyancy from the bubbles created by the tub’s jets helps increase blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, hence reduces the inflammation on joints. So, I started visiting a spa centre and I have to admit, there were some quite obvious results. However, the fact that I shared the same hot tub with dozens of other people was driving me crazy, so my husband and I decided to buy our own.

Besides the fact that now I’m feeling much less pain, more energy and I’m sleeping much better, I’m really enjoying how the hot tub has connected our family. With the busy lifestyle we all lead, sometimes it is hard to find the free time to spend quality time with my family. However, now that we have our own hot tub in the yard, instead of reaching for the computer or remote when we are all at home, we spend part of our free time relaxing in it and talking about our day.

Our tub model is one of the most popular spa tubs available – a portable tub with acrylic interior shell. It offers seats for 5 people, it is easy to install and can be moved whenever needed. Of course, we had professionals to help with the installation and this service was included in the purchase price. Quite the convenience.

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between good spa tubs and ones that look like high quality but are in fact rather cheap. When buying, check where its components were made. Stay away from products made in countries where the manufacturing of parts is not regulated. Keep in mind that cheaper parts become hotter and consume more electricity, both of which will end up costing you more in the end regarding both maintenance and replacement costs.