From Dawn Until Late-Night Hours, My Tote Gives Me Mary Poppins Powers

In my attempt to spend more time with my boy and still be able to run all the stuff around the house and take care of the family, I recently started working from home. A super busy interior designer-mom! And despite the fact that being with your child every moment of the day is the most beautiful thing on Earth, it is also really hard and exhausting. But you know me, I’m not giving up and I have decided not to break under the pressure. One of the most important things to keep in mind while battling between being a 24/7 nanny and a working mom, is having everything effectively organized.

In the end, if you have all the needed tools with you, why not finish the job perfectly and on time? And since sometimes I need to get out of the home and run to a client’s house, or go to some furniture exhibition or something else, I have to take my one year old prince with me. And as a toddler, he has his needs, believe me. So, I started looking for handbags for sale through stores to get a large tote. I fell in love with an extra-large silver tote/hobo handbag. It was the perfect fit – I traveled to Europe with it, plus it fits the artillery of baby necessities and of course, mine too. Sounds like I carry a traveling suitcase, doesn’t it? Wrong. Keep it in mind, organization is the key. Here’s the list.

  1. Diapers, wipes and a mat

    Reason number one why I’m looking for handbags for sale: I need a large tote that’s going to be functional in the first place. Plus, I wouldn’t mind if it is fancy and good-looking also. Now the fun part: if you’re out for more than an hour, your baby is going to start being cranky because he’ll be either wet or in a need of something else. And then come the tears and screaming, which you definitely do not want. To prevent this situation, always have a few diapers, wet wipes and a mat to get it all done in your large tote that won’t feel like too much to carry.

  2. Snacks and a bottle of water

    I often go to the park with my boy. I let him play there with other kids and I enjoy the sun or browse the Internet for what’s new and trending in the world of interior design. It’s a very pleasant time spent in the sun until he gets hungry. Having a few snacks in the bag and a bottle of water and juice allows me to get a few more moments in the sun not worrying if he needs to eat or not.

  3. Cleaning kit: wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer

    This doesn’t take much space in the bag and it is definitely a life-saver. You never know if there’s going to be water and soup where you are about to go. So to save yourself time and nerves, always carry a hand sanitizer and a pack of wipes with you. This goes beyond being the nanny 24/7; it goes for every woman that cares about basic hygiene.

  4. Sunscreen

    The skin of little babies needs protection big time. It’s soft, gentle and so exposed to the sun and other outer influences, it would sad and ruthless not to use sunscreen. Make sure you have one with high protection every time you get out of the house with your kid. I bought one just for my bag and never get it out of it. This way I know I have it within my arm’s reach every time I need it.

  5. Medication and list of allergies

    My son doesn’t have any allergies, and except for vitamins, he doesn’t take any other medications. But, having in mind the importance of taking a medication on the right time, I believe they deserve a place in your tote. So, if your kid takes any prescribed meds, take them with you – that way you won’t need to break all the fun and run home just for a pill. Allergies are a story of their own; we all know some allergies are deadly, so even if you do know them all by heart, have them written on a list; in a moment of panic you would want to be prepared at the emergency room.

  6. First Aid kit

    No matter how much it hurts to see my son crying when he falls, I made my peace with it; he’s going to fall again, face bloody cuts and cry. There’s nothing you can do to stop it but help him get over the pain easier. A First Aid kit normally consists of Neosporin which helps in fast healing of small cuts, burns and scraps, and Benadryl for preventing flu. My kid is still too young for me to worry about more dangerous falls, but for all of you that have slightly older children, you might want to put some extra stuff like bandages. Don’t forget the anti-allergy medication if your kid has allergies.

  7. A toy

    A small car, a barbie, an action figure or a teddy bear; choose one of them and put it in the bag. They do not take up much space since they are rather small, and they will keep your kid occupied while you are handling your tasks. For instance, I take my son’s teddy with me every time we visit a gallery, or go at a client’s house together. He’s calm and behaves good and mommy is happy and not worried.

  8. Emergency contacts

    I hope this is just an extra tip, otherwise it would be so irresponsible of you. The contacts list in your phone needs to have the Emergency and the Police number, your husband’s and a taxi ‘s number on speed dial. You never know what could go wrong, and better be safe than sorry, right?