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Find Out What All the Fuss Is About Vacuum Blenders: Maximise Nutrition in Your Food

I really enjoy spending time creating delicious and nutritious smoothies for my family. What I don’t like is noticing that after a short time they transform into watery, unappetizing drinks with brown froth on top. Since I got a vacuum blender, I haven’t got this problem. Designed to remove the air from the finished blend, a vacuum blender prevents oxidation, meaning smoothies stay good for days instead of hours. 

I’m the kind of person who loves kitchen appliances that make life easier and healthier, such as my stand mixer that allows me to create a range of healthy, delicious baking goods in no time. Although a vacuum blender operates in the same way as an average kitchen blend, it comes with a technology that prevents air layers from forming and the ingredients from oxidising. This results in an end-product that not only looks and tastes better but also contains more nutrients and stays fresher for longer than with normal blending.

How Does Vacuum Blending Work?

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According to vacuum blenders Australia experts, it’s not just a vacuum that helps with this technique. A pump is also used to remove all the air from the inside of the blender, allowing the blend to happen in an environment without oxygen, which reduces oxidation.

The blender’s operation involves quickly and violently shaking the ingredients you’ve added on one side while simultaneously sucking the air out with the other end using suction power from the pump. This action forces molecules closer together so they collide more often, creating smaller chunks and allowing them to be easily broken down by digestive enzymes during digestion.  

Benefits of Getting a Vacuum Blender

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There are a number of reasons why you should visit a vacuum blenders Australia retailer and get one for yourself. Here are the most important of them.

Reduced Nutrient Loss

One of the best benefits of getting a vacuum blender is that it helps protect nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins A, C, and E, which are prone to degradation when exposed to oxidation. 

Fresh Flavour for Longer

Aside from processing your ingredients in a vacuum, a vacuum blender also allows you to store your smoothies in a vacuum, meaning your smoothies will stay fresh longer. 

Bright Colours

The smoothies created in a vacuum blender are not only more nutritious, but also look and taste better. This is due to the absence of oxygen in the blender that prevents the browning of ingredients and protects the taste of fresh produce. 

Less Foam

One of the reasons I went for a vacuum blender is that I’m not a fan of foamy, forty smoothies. Considering the fact that mixed-in air is what makes smoothies foamy, now I don’t have to worry about my smoothies getting foamy as they are better blended. 

Less Separation

When you don’t drink a smoothie made in a regular blender right away, the emulsification from the blending process begins to wear off, causing the lighter components to separate from the heavier ones. With vacuum blending the ingredients are better emulsified, meaning there is less separation. 


With practical vacuum blenders you’ll be able to prepare all healthy blended recipes in advance too, with the peace of mind that they will continue to taste great and nourish you well for the rest of the week. This way you’ll be more likely to stick to your healthy eating program. 

What Can You Prepare With a Vacuum Blender?

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I’ve been talking about using the vacuum blender to make smoothies, but you can also make the most delicious dishes with simple preparation. It’s as simple as cutting all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and turning on the blender. Some of the things you can prepare in the vacuum blender include: 

Ice Cream

You can use frozen fruits to make delicious ice cream. All you need to do is put the frozen fruits in coarser pieces in the blender jug. If necessary, put the ice cream in the freezer so that it’s not that soft. 

Soup, Sauce, Tapenade, Vegetable Dip

You can create delicious soups, sauces, tapenade, pesto, and vegetable dips by blending different vegetables and herbs. For a slightly coarser texture, consider pulsing the ingredients instead of using the blend function. By pressing the pulse button a few times, you already chop the ingredients. 


Make a fresh mousse by mashing the desired fruit with some agave syrup in the vacuum blender first. You can then heat the mixture of fruit and syrup in a pan and add some soaked gelatine leaves and stir well until gelatine is completed absorbed. Beat some whipped cream and mix with the fruit mixture. Place the mousse in the fridge and let it stiffen. 

Baby Food

A vacuum blender can mash baby food very finely, although you’ll need to use cooked and cold vegetables. Still, you can heat up the mixture for your child after blending.