Mum Returns to Hobby: Choosing Swimwear That Knows I’ve Had Babies

Since our dear Australia is a land surrounded by water, it shouldn’t come as a surprise swimming is one of our great passions. I used to love swimming until other priorities arrived in my life – a house to take care of and two small children who take up 80% of my time.

After more than 7 years passed since I last swam (if we don’t count the in and out of the water crying session with the kids), now I’m finally reintergating this hobby into my life. The kids have grown, and the time they spend at school and kindergarten, offers me the perfect chance to go for a swim, be it at a pool or in the ocean.

However, once I found the time to go back to swimming, another issue arose – my old swimwear was two small for my body (now two sizes bigger) and I needed more from my swimwear and I mean more (material and comfort wise). So before anything else, I had to go shopping for a new swimwear for women.

I did own one standard type of bikini that I used when we took the kids to the beach with the kids, but anyone who has tried swimming beyond basic level knows bikini come off the second you decide to take your swimming session up a notch and try to flip a turn. Practice swimwear for women is cut differently and has a higher waist and a kind of sports-bra like top. Plus, these tend to fit very tightly to avoid coming off when you are doing your movements.

Because I’m not always comfortable showing that much skin, I’ve decided to buy a one-piece suit, that in addition to covering the stretch marks on my belly, was also on sale. The one-piece suit that I bought has thicker straps, which feels more comfortable and is made from AquaLast material which is chlorine proof, UV protected, fast drying and super breathable.

While shopping for swimwear for women online (the best way of shopping for me), I came across a lot of Nylon/Lycra suits, which are probably the most common types of swimming suits. But I know, that depending on how often you use them, these types of suits may wear out rather quickly and become stretched out – the last thing I want. Because the AquaLast material is 100% chlorine proof, this makes the material last longer than that of suits made from Nylon/Lycra materials.

I’m really enjoying being able to go back to swimming. Of course, I’m far from being able to perform as many laps as I used TO in the past, but with consistence, I believe in time I will become just as good as I used to.