How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Helped Me Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

All of you followers of my posts know that I’ve recently done a little research on the matter of hypnotherapy as a way to lose weight. And yes, I was very sceptical about the whole thing because come on – thinking your way to a beach body?! However, when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how my post-baby body looks like, I knew I had to give that adventure a try. I have no time to go to the gym and frankly, I am not really fond of sweating either. So, I searched for a licensed practician online and I scheduled an appointment.

I’ve been visiting the hypnotherapist for about a week and a half now, and I must say I am surprised. Before I decided to go with the hypnotherapy to lose weight, I read online and did everything I could to get rid of the scepticism, which was probably the most important kind of preparation anyone with the same attitude can do. And to get to the point: hurray! I’ve lost 3 kilograms so far and I am not going to stop here.

Eliminate the negative self-talk

Just like any woman out there, I used to think that anything less than a Victoria’s Secret bombshell is just not worth the discussion. And consequently, I was kind of disappointed of how my body looked and I just stopped carrying. But, that was apparently a very, very wrong approach that kind of damaged how I look at my body; I should have been more supportive towards how I want to look. Hypnotherapy to lose weight introduced me to a very different concept: start thinking positively about your appearance, mind your eating habits and your behaviour will automatically change.


The power of choice

I guess a lot of you thought that hypnotherapy has everything to do with the waving clock in front your eyes. It has nothing to do with it! That’s just a cartoon scene made to introduce the term to kids. Through hypnotherapy to lose weight program you learn how to do positive self-talk and with that you’re directed to choose: are you going to be the person you want to be, or you’re going to continue with the same routine as before? It’s a choice, and under normal circumstances maybe you’ll choose the right thing but you’ll forget about it. With these sessions, you’ll keep to your choice because you’ll know what you want to achieve and you’ll live and breathe for your goal.

A few mantras to try

My hypnotherapist gave me a few mantras I can repeat to myself daily to really keep my spirits up. Feel free to try them:

  • “ I should drink more water in order to feel more motivated, eat healthy and nourishing meal.”
  • “Whatever physical activity I can do, I’m doing it twice today.”
  • “Tomorrow I’ll be what I eat today.”