Holiday in Italy

When my husband first told me that we were going to Italy to spend our vacation there, I literally went crazy; I love Italy and everything about it so much, and because of that love and admiration I signed up for a Italian language course and managed to communicate in Italian while on our vacation!Continue reading


I may look very ordinary, but as my husband likes to say, I’m like a cherry-filled chocolate, chocolate with surprise. Although I’m usually pretty straight-forward and prefer simple things, when it comes to entertaining, I like to kick it up a notch. Although having two small boys, makes it feel like a party every day,Continue reading


Being a mom of a 7-month-old baby boy, having a sit-down breakfast (the one that’s good for you) is mission impossible (unless you are Tom Cruise). For real. But given the fact that I am breastfeeding, getting my morning energy boost is very important to me. So, for a month or so, I would getContinue reading