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Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum; she is the most important person in my life because everything I am, I owe to her unconditional patience and love. But when I try to tell all this to her over the phone and she asks me about ten times to repeat myself – I simplyContinue reading


About a month ago or so, my son shows me a drawing of our family. You can’t imagine how proud I was (I may have even cried). “It’s a drawing, it’s not like he invented a new drug”, I know many of you are saying it out loud (and rolling eyes at the same timeContinue reading


Being a mom of a 7-month-old baby boy, having a sit-down breakfast (the one that’s good for you) is mission impossible (unless you are Tom Cruise). For real. But given the fact that I am breastfeeding, getting my morning energy boost is very important to me. So, for a month or so, I would getContinue reading